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BW Warbler 2

Black-and-white Warbler

I was out walking about a month ago, on a local trail (trying not to end up face-first in a stream) when I was surrounded by four or five…
We Have Babies!

We Have Babies!

Harriet and her partner M15 wanted kids! Harriet and M15 are eagles that nest in Fort Meyers, Florida. Eagles in Florida usually lay their eggs so they’ll hatch around…
Apr 20 Orchids

A Colorful Easter Sunday!

Yesterday was Easter, and while many people sought an excuse for cheer, I had a lot of orchids smiling at me! I’m not actively collecting anymore, but friends keep…

Thank You, USS Constitution!

[This is reprinted from May 22, 2013] My close friend’s father passed away on April 26. I had the honor of bagpiping for his funeral, and the Navy’s honor…

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Authors

[This is reprinted from Oct 4, 2012] Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting the 6th grade at Howe-Manning School in Middleton, MA. The students had read…
Author, bagpiper, Stroke Survivor

About me

As a Dartmouth graduate, I’ve studied information technology, marketing, and business management, with an eye for how underlying frameworks weave together. As an author I’ve looked at motivations, wonder, and disillusionment to explain why we do what we do. And as a piper I’ve played for the honor and dignity that we aspire to in our lives. Yet as a stroke survivor, I’m simply trying to find my way back…

My Management Services

No problem is too large!

The biggest questions can only be solved with a diverse group thinking at its best. I work with others, encouraging and challenging, flipping answers on their side until the very best solution is found!


Management Consulting

From evaluating prospective buyouts, to defining new markets for growth, I can help! I’ve spent the last twenty years finding right solutions to some of the most demanding questions. How can I assist?

Multiple hands reaching in

Assistive Technology

By combining the reach of Boston-area hospitals, with the talents of rehab therapists, and tech wizardry of university students, assistive tech is taking on a new life!