Compassionate Giving


What are the worst days of your life? These people didn’t have to guess:

“Officer down!” echoed on the radio. Jared MacDonald, a 42-year-old policeman, was shot in the back. The bullet nicked his spine and left his foot and leg in unbearable pain.

Jack, the eldest of three brothers, age 9, had a sarcoma tumor in his femur. To save his life, his leg was amputated.

56-year-old Julie had a stroke and was on the floor for three-and-a-half days. When she was taken to the hospital, most of the left side of her brain was dead.

These were the stories of people I met while I was at Spaulding Hospital. I was the one with the stroke, and I can tell you that an unlooked-for gift can make a huge difference at this point in a person’s recovery! A total stranger, standing by the hospital elevators, had armloads of teddy bears  when I was there. He gave me a 2-foot  bear, and the wonder and hope I felt were incredible! 

So now I’m going to be the guy with the teddy bears! Your $10 will give a stuffed animal or a book (at cost) to a person in need. I’ll visit Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital once a month with the Compassionate Gifts you’ve bought, and give them with a kind word to people in need. Give a gift, touch a life!

Give often and give generously!

The picture above is the artwork of Pamela Zagarenski. She’s donating a Thank You card that I’ll send to you, indicating which hospital we visited, and on what date.


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