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Grizzly Bear


The Grizzly Bear is one of the largest bears in the world, with the males towering over 8 feet tall! If you have them over for dinner, get a lot of fish. Feed your bear 90 lbs. of salmon and he’ll leave happy!

  • 15″ tall, in a seated position
  • Our grizzly is big and huggable, and it takes two arms and a lot of love to say hello!
  • Hand-stitched, like all Miyoni animals!
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This is a video of Tundra, a Denver Zoo Grizzly, as she discovers a bubble bath left for her!

Aurora, the manufacturer of these quality plush toys, shared their reviews with us:

One of my favorite purchases, this bear stuffed animal is just the best. It's SUPER soft (so many cuddles), looks realistic and cute, and is made with such great quality. Also this bad boy is pretty big. You won't be disappointed with him!
Have a lot of Aurora plush that I have gotten over the years for the wife and daughter, but this guy I got for myself. Looks really cool and is rather large. Very good quality!
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 9 × 13 × 11 in


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